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On Writing: Justifying Every Single Scene

I’ve learned many things from my editor over the years. I think one of the most important is that you should be able to justify the existence of every single scene in your novel. There should be a reason for it – whether it’s moving the story forward, revealing things about your characters, or forming […]

On Writing: The Importance Of Notes

It’s three o’clock in the morning when I open my eyes and grope for my cell phone on the bedside table. I hold the phone close to my face, squinting from the blinding light as I swipe my finger across the touchscreen and pull up the notepad app. Inspiration has just struck, and if I […]

On Writing: Getting To The Monkey

I think it’s rather amazing how the things we never see coming are sometimes the ones that end up effecting us the most. For years now, my husband and I have had differing tastes in music. While I stayed with the rawk-boys I’ve loved since I was a teenager, he has drifted off into the […]

Your Writer’s Toolbox – What’s That?

In the writing world there’s a lot of terminology that gets thrown around. Admittedly, I haven’t figured all these terms out. Sometimes I think that there must be a master list somewhere, or a decoder ring that would clear all these conundrums up in one easy swoop, but so far I haven’t found it. This […]

Behind The Curse Words: The Hybrid Theory Approach To Writing

Back in the year 2000 the band Linkin Park released their debut album – Hybrid Theory. Among other things, I remember all the hoopla that was made over the fact that there were no curse words on the album. In the sea of profanity that was flooding the airwaves at that time, Hybrid Theory had come […]

The Importance Of Balance Keepers

Any great novel has unique and memorable characters. You remember their names, what they look like, and relate to how they feel and are concerned for their plight. Awesome characters are why we love the book we’re reading. With that thought in mind, it’s important to remember, as a writer, that your book contains an […]

A Trio Of Tips

The amount of writing tips that exist in the known world is endless. Well, maybe not endless, but it can certainly feel that way. When you start searching for tricks and tips to improve your writing skills, the abundance of advice can easily become overwhelming. Trying to sort out what’s good advice and what’s nonsense […]