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On Writing: The Pros Of Fantasy

I’ve always been one for variety. My reading library spans the realms of everything from fantasy to family dramas and children’s titles. There’s even some non-fiction in my arsenal; I’m a sucker for a good biography, especially when they’re about serial killers or mob bosses. Just sayin’. When it comes to my own writing, this […]

Don’t Make Me Kill You

The relationship between a writer and her fictional characters is one that I find to be fascinating. I know that for me, the characters I create in my novels and short stories become living beings. They aren’t just words on a page, but they become living, breathing humans (and sometimes animals or even inanimate objects) […]

If It Pleases The King

This past week Darker Times Anthology Volume Six was released. It’s a collection of short stories that have been grouped into the category of “dark” for one reason or another and this is a big deal to me because one of those short stories is mine. It’s true. You can open up the paperback or […]