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Movie Review: Little Evil

Little Evil is a 2017 American horror comedy film released by Netflix at the beginning of September. It stars Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, and a host of other known and not-so-known actors. But standing in the spotlight and delivering a great dramatic and almost non-speaking role, is Owen Atlas. Owen plays Lucas, the young son […]

Invisible Villains

Classic storytelling involves two main elements: a hero, and a villain. It’s easy to spot these guys most of the time. Batman stops The Joker from brainwashing the city. Spiderman protects citizens from the madness of Doc Ock. The western Sherif arrests the bank robbers. Good and bad, hero and villain. But sometimes the villain […]

Final Edit

After years of working on my first novel, The Flames Of Guilt, I am finally down to the final edit. This is it. My last chance to catch mistakes, make changes, and tweak my prose and dialogue. The Flames Of Guilt, in its humble beginnings, started out as a fan fiction story. It has since […]

The Coat Off Your Back

So far this winter we’ve had some record lows here in temperature. Granted, it’s Wyoming, so our winters are usually pretty rough, but this year we’ve had some bitter-cold days. In the midst of this, my mother decided that she needed a new coat. Not just a new coat, but a heavier winter coat that […]