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Movie Review: Little Evil

Little Evil is a 2017 American horror comedy film released by Netflix at the beginning of September. It stars Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, and a host of other known and not-so-known actors. But standing in the spotlight and delivering a great dramatic and almost non-speaking role, is Owen Atlas. Owen plays Lucas, the young son […]

Fall Out Boy In Chey-Town

For the last few years Fall Out Boy has been on my list of bands I’d like to see live. Admittedly, it’s a short list, but they were at the top of it. Here in Wyoming, we get a lot of country acts come through, so you can imagine my disbelief when my 13-year-old son […]

For The Record

Our house has become increasingly digital over the years. My husband has been the driving force behind this. I was quite happy with CD’s, DVD’s, my old HP computer and the big clunky televisions that dotted our living space. But one by one he started to get rid of them – our Dell and HP […]

It’s not everyday you get to adopt a whale

Months ago a friend of mine asked me to watch the movie Blackfish with her. I said yes, of course. Trixi and I, despite being separated by an ocean, have watched many movies together via the internet and it has always proven to be a fun time. So when she asked me to watch Blackfish, […]

The Coat Off Your Back

So far this winter we’ve had some record lows here in temperature. Granted, it’s Wyoming, so our winters are usually pretty rough, but this year we’ve had some bitter-cold days. In the midst of this, my mother decided that she needed a new coat. Not just a new coat, but a heavier winter coat that […]

Fun With The Kiddos

Today I took my kids (Draven and Meadow) to the Wyoming Welcome Center. We live in Cheyenne, which is just a few minutes from the Colorado state line. Here are some fun snap shots of them and their cousins.