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Short Story, Anyone?


Sixteen-year-old Allyster Williams is thrown from his world: BAM! He is left unnerved, and unsure, even as he tries to remember how he ended up falling from the sky so dramatically. As he inspects this strange new place, Allyster finds himself surrounded by massive, flesh-eating plants who have found him guilty of committing the worst of all treasons – dating outside of his own kind. Now they have declared him lunch, and Allyster must find a way to escape. He befriends a wingless fairy named Lucy along the way – though her guidance often comes in the form of insults and trivial information. Allyster’s best friend Jasper is on hand as well, but so is his never-ending mouth, which seems to hurt more than help. Then there’s the brain bugs. And the smell. There’s really no getting away from the smell. 
Pummel through this Horns & Halos short story as you follow Allyster and Jasper into this vicious land. Please avoid all snapping plants, and for goodness sakes, don’t touch the bright orange (and yummy-looking) brain bugs! Brace yourselves as the boys fight to NOT become delicious entrées, and as they wager the cost of standing up for what they know is right. 
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