Diverse Crazies

It’s been said that authors should find their genre and stick to it. But I gotta tell ya’, I’m not one of those authors. I’m a diverse reader – middle grade, fantasy, YA, horror, romance, thriller, comedy, LGBT, and yeah even some non-fiction now and again.

So the question is, if I like reading in such diversity, why would I write any different? I wouldn’t. So even though it might be author-suicide to do so, I have no plans of picking just one genre and staying there. If you’re going to read my books, be prepared for everything across the board, from bunny-loving gay couples to teenagers with horns and halos on their heads. And yeah, maybe a giant spider, a clumsy vampire, or a saucy pirate captain here and there as well. If that bothers you, then my books probably aren’t for you. But if you’re like me, and you’re crazy for diversity, then by all means buy my books! Okay, that was totally a shameless promotion. And so is this: check out the Diverse Crazies Newsletter.

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