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The Flames of Guilt


“I started reading and did not want to put it down. . .”  
“This isn’t your-run-of-the-mill fantasy novel, in a market currently full of them.”
 After the death of his wife and child, Prince Michael is left in despair. Soon after, a prophecy is given and his grieving heart is set on a mission to find the remedy – the bearer of the Flames of Guilt. Though he doesn’t understand the full meaning of the words spoken, he sets out to fulfill what he believes will be his destiny.
But destiny doesn’t always come the way we expect it.
After years of searching, the nobleman is ready to give up, until the day he enters the rusty gates of the Kingdom of Gloom. Under the dreary skies and by the light of the bonfires scattered over the cursed kingdom, he meets Princess Evangeline, the ruling noble, and a woman cloaked in mystery and a bad reputation.
 He came to Gloom only for a peace treaty to please his father, but he finds something in the rundown kingdom that is much more important.
Something that will uproot his world, and change everything he knows.
Everything he believes.
Everything he hopes for.
Everything that matters.

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 Horns & Halos: Against The Giant

Fighting against the system sucks. It’s even worse when you’re only sixteen and you’ve already been devastated by it, while your parents stood by and watched. Allyster Williams started fighting the moment he realized that the life of segregation he’s always known is wrong. In his world, people are separated by their horns and their halos – physical characteristics that have borne lies, hate, distrust, violence, and rumors – and it’s only getting worse. Allyster may be young, but as he discovers others who are willing to hear the truth and change for the better, he must grapple with hope to try and find the strength to keep fighting. To raise the flag. To knock down the barricades. To prove that things can get better, even as his greatest nightmare becomes a reality.


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Felix Todd is living a happy life. He has a career going. He has a stable relationship with a man he feels he owes everything – a man he’s endlessly loyal to. Even when the media labels Nigel Maxton things like “mad scientist” and “recluse mastermind”, Felix is supportive of the inventor’s endeavors and the machines he spends so much time working on, even when the one starts to become a little too life-like for Felix’s taste. But then sickness enters their house and their somewhat secluded lives. Shortly after, Felix finds out that there’s a murderess on the loose. The infamously named Murder Maid takes advantage of – and eventually kills – her employers, which leaves Felix wondering if maybe their new maid isn’t who she claims to be. Now it’s a race against time and the poison he knows has invaded the life he cherishes so much.

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