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2015-11-06-09-21-53If you take Winnie the Pooh and A Clock Work Orange and slam them together, what you would get is a pretty good representation of how my mind works. Cuteness is very important, and yet the deranged and psychotic play an important role as well. Both work hand in hand in my head and what comes out is a freaky-cute-sappy-world where true love exists along side the strange and unusual, and my goodness why can’t everything be a musical? The world is seriously lacking in singing and dancing.

I’m married to an incredible man that I love as much today as I did when we got married. I’m a mother of two teenagers, and I’m addicted to coffee. During the day, I work for a playground surfacing company. I enjoy helping people, and lending a hand to solving their playground surfacing emergencies (and yes, that does happen) but my heart belongs to writing and the imaginary characters that keep my mind active as I go about the daily grind.

My first novel, The Flames Of Guilt, was released in March of 2015. Check it out under the books section. In short, it’s a deranged adult fairytale that follows Prince Michael as he tries to figure out where he belongs in the world, and the difference between ruling a people, and being loved by your people. There’s also hog racing, a seer who goes blind,  some nasty crows, a slobbering dog, a gang of bandits, and oh yes, Princess Evangeline. You’ll like her, she’s a little violent. You can go HERE for your copy! It’s available in paperback and on Kindle, because it rocks like that.

 My second novel (the first book of a trilogy), Horns & Halos: Against The Giant, is a young adult fantasy that takes you into the world of Allyster Williams as he fights against the system of segregation, hate, violence, and total unfairness. This one is full of teenagers, but, boy, do they have a battle in front of them. Just click HERE! for your copy now! This one is also available in paperback or on Kindle, and it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

In between working on novels and holding down a day job, I help run the Linkin Park fancition website LPFiction.com. If you’re into that kind of thing, check it out!

Follow me on twitter @beckysvickery or feel free to email me at beckysvickery@gmail.com.

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