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Book Review: Write. Publish. Repeat.


Write. Publish. Repeat. The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success is a book of educated suggestions by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant (and a guest appearance from their partner in crime, David Wright). I bought this book after hearing about it from a youtube video that was going over some quick tips about Scrivener (the most excellent writing program that I use). I didn’t know much (well, anything) about the authors when I purchased Write. Publish. Repeat. but boy oh boy am I glad I did! Not only did this book give me some helpful ideas about things I can do in my own self-publishing career, but it was quite the fun read. And how often can you say that about a how-to book?

From page one, this offering is written in a very light-hearted manner, and yet you can really feel the experience and know-how of the writers. They use examples from their own careers throughout the book to show different methods and suggestions when it comes to writing, editing, publishing, and marketing.

Since I published my first book, The Flames Of Guilt, two years ago, I’ve been weaving through the world of self-publishing basically learning as I go. It’s been a bumpy road at times, but now having my second novel, Horns & Halos: Against The Giant, released a few months ago, and with my third right around the corner, I feel much more confident about the process. I’m not ashamed to say that a boost of that confidence came from reading Write. Publish. Repeat.

Reading this book came with one of those moments where I felt like I was reading something from kindred souls. People who think a lot like I do, and have similar goals. It was very refreshing and left me feeling more like I was on a team rather than standing out in the self-publishing world on my own.

If you are an indie author, or are working towards becoming one, I recommend Write. Publish. Repeat. It’s a great read, with some awesome information about how to format your books, making the most of your Call To Actions, promotional strategies, advice about social media, and so much more.

And of course, the most important point of the whole book is just what the title says: Write. Publish. Repeat. I love how much his book emphasizes the importance of continuing to work. Continuing to write and put out new material for your readers to devour. As a writing addict, I deeply connected with this mantra. 


The Flames Of Guilt is available now on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle. Check it out HERE!

Horns & Halos: Against The Giant is also available in paperback, Kindle, and it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Get yours HERE!

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