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Cover Reveal: Horns & Halos: Against The Giant

againstthegiant_promoIt’s finally here! After slaving over my second novel for what has felt like forever, it’s finally time to give it a face. Horns & Halos: Against The Giant is the first book in this Young Adult trilogy. The story follows Allyster Williams, a sixteen year old who lives in a world segregated into two groups: horns and halos. As a horn, Allyster has grown up believing that halos are different. Diseased. Foul snares. But as he gets older, Allyster realizes that it’s all lies and nonsense, and now he’s fighting against the system in the name of integration.

Support is minimal.

The dangers are high.

And then there’s the relationship he’s been keeping a secret, but even that is on the verge of collapse as the giant of segregation looms overhead. 

Horns & Halos: Against The Giant will be releasing in early October, 2016, so don’t miss it! And until then, here’s a look at the full cover. Enjoy!!


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