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Cover Reveal: The Flames Of Guilt

After what feels like forever, the time has finally come. This story has been through the meat grinder and back. It’s had characters added, and the ending changed. Twice. The pacing has been stretched out and flipped over. Formatting came in round after round of trial and error as I labored over what worked and what didn’t. It had an editor’s razor-sharp pen slash through it like it was the dying beast at the wrong end of a bloody battle. And it was. It was a battle to get this book to this point. But here it is, and it’s all been worth it.

Now comes the fun part. Not that the other stuff wasn’t fun, because it was. It was fun, and thrilling, and anxiety-ridden, and incredible, and a headache mashed up with the determination not to quit – and I can’t wait to do it all again for the next book. 

So here it is, the cover for The Flames Of Guilt – a story about fate, and never losing heart, even when the path is unclear and the circumstances of life feel like the strangling tentacles of an octopus. 


The Flames Of Guilt will be released March of 2015.

This beautiful cover was designed by Starla Huchton. See more of her work here.

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